Your career is a major part of your life-wellness, and it deserves to be supported in a holistic and professional way. I help small business owners reach their full potential through business coaching in abundance consciousness, social media management, website design, and graphic branding.

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Most businesses in the wellness industry are struggling to maintain a professional & successful online presence.

Let's work together to manifest true abundance in your career, and ensure that your business is fueling a healthy lifestyle.

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Allow prosperity to flow toward you.

When I work with businesses, I do more than just build websites & make social media posts.
My business support services can:

  • Address what is stifling you from your highest potential in your business
  • Discover your "Lane of Genius" and how to truly live & work within it
  • Process and work through money wounding patterns and scarcity consciousness
  • Step out of victimhood and into conscious business ownership 
  • Develop your online presence to attract your ideal customer and increase revenue 
  • Ensure that your branding and aesthetic truly represents the heart of your business
  • Offer regular suggestions for improvement based on Social Media trends and ease of virtual optimization
  • Take care of the "techy stuff" that you struggle with and make it streamlined

Personalized support for personal businesses.

Get the virtual assistance your business needs now.

Work with Me

I am a mother, an experienced holistic business owner, and a virtual assistant.

Hi, my name is Nya Riddle. I am a mother to a toddler with a second on the way, and I run my own successful coaching business to help women in the motherhood continuum birth and parent in sovereignty. When I started Shakti Rise Healing (which has now become Woildlife Wellness), my whole life changed. I was able to ditch the patriarchal workforce and focus on being a mother, help women around the world while doing what I loved, and heal my money-wound. Running my own successful online business has allowed me to live the healthiest, most physiologically aligned life possible. This is the life that all holistic business owners can have - a life truly aligned with abundance, rooted in balance, and deeply fulfilling.


Rhythms of a Holistic Businesswoman

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You Are Ready To Take Control of Your Business Wellness?

This in-depth free eBook details the tips, tricks, and secrets to running a successful female-led holistic business. You will learn how to:

  • Align your work with your biological cycle
  • Maintain a healthy family life and personal relationships
  • Work from home without sacrificing productivity
  • Fold your business practices into your self-care routines

You don't need to partake in the traditional 9-5 business model (which was designed for the male hormonal system) to be a highly productive and abundant businesswoman. Get your free eBook now!

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My Virtual Services:


Website Design

I build and design beautiful websites that truly reflect the heart of your business, including:

  • Graphic design & branding elements
  • Optimization for mobile users and social media
  • Detailed copy creation based on your unique industry & offerings
  • ... and more!

In 1-2 months, you will have a professional, aesthetic, and highly functional website that brings in new sales and represents your spirit.


Social Media Management

I manage and optimize your social media pages to boost online engagement and get your voice across, including:

  • Writing and posting regular social media posts
  • Professional photo editing to create a consistent aesthetic
  • Branding of your social media accounts for cohesion

Advertising is a crucial part of your success, and most of it is happening on social media. It's time to address your modern online presence!


Copywriting & Editing

I will help you create the captivating and authentic copy that calls in abundance and represents YOU as a businessowner, including:

  • Engaging website copy
  • Blog posts / articles
  • Marketing materials such as eBooks, flyers, etc.
  • ...and more!

You don't have to be a writer to share your voice with the world in a professional capacity.


Business/Career Wellness Coaching

All of my services include at least one 60-minute Business Wellness Coaching session, and you can also book ongoing coaching sessions with me to address:

  • How to set up and maintain a business that promotes true wellness in your whole life
  • Healing scarcity consciousness, fears and judgements, and other money wounds.
  • Manifesting your financial dreams through your business 
  • How to truly harness your "genius", and release or delegate anything else.

Allow your business to be a source of good health and wellness in your life.

My Services are For You If...

  • You run a small business and can't seem to get it off the ground
  • You love helping people holistically but hate virtual stuff/advertising
  • You've built your website but aren't happy with how it turned out
  • You have been running a business through word-of-mouth and haven't stepped into the virtual world yet
  • You want to heal your wounds around money and tap into abundance consciousness
Let's Work Together
I can't wait to work together!

Stepping out of financial victimhood changed my life!


After graduating college I found myself with tens of thousands of dollars in debt, subject to careers that paid $18 per hour on average, and feeling deeply disappointed in the conditions of most jobs. Everything I tried left me feeling depleted, traumatized, uninspired, or seriously lacking in free time. Every job expected me to make work my life.

When I decided to stop being AFRAID of money (making it or losing it), I was set free. I was able to call in more money than I ever thought I deserved, and I learned how to live in true harmony with my work. Starting my own businesses has allowed my mothering, radical birthkeeping, my relationship, and my homemaking to thrive.

And I couldn't have done it without confronting, supportive, and conscious business support from women who were further along the path than I.

“Just with two sessions with Nya, I was able to get so much more clarity and confidence in the next steps I want to take for my business. In a matter of days, Nya helped me work through some limiting beliefs that were holding me back and started replacing them with more empowering beliefs”. 

- Nicky Epp, Argentina.

“Nya supported my online learning community from its infancy and literally cared for my clients and vision as if it were her own.  Her passion for creating elegantly designed branding assets for my social media platform along with compelling copy that represented my audience was astounding.  I felt so relaxed as I saw the posts she was designing for me getting loads of engagement and followers and knew I could fully exhale trusting that she had it taken care of."

- Rachael Jean of Elemental Birth Rites

"Nya took the time to get to know me, my values and my goals for my business. She has exceeded my expectations in every way possible. She is Uber-organized and knowledgeable and creates step by step clear pathways forward to bring my visions into reality. The synergy she brings has accelerated the growth of Full Circle to the next level. I feel so lucky to have Nya on my team!!!"

- Rebecca Cohen of Full Circle Holistic

“Nya is communicative, kind, open minded and collaborative in all the best ways and brought so much value to my growing business.  With Nya supporting you in your business goals, I fully trust you will be satisfied with her excellent quality of work and support."

- Rachael Jean of Elemental Birth Rites

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