Your career is a major part of your life-wellness, and it deserves to be supported in a full-spectrum and professional way. I help small business owners reach their full potential through radical business -life coaching, social media management, virtual marketing, website design, and graphic branding.

Most business owners, coaches, and professionals are struggling to maintain a successful online presence.

Let's work together to manifest true abundance in your career, and ensure that your business is fueling a healthy lifestyle.

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Allow prosperity to flow toward you.

When I work with businesses, I do more than just build websites & make social media posts. I will help you:

  • Address what is stifling you from your highest potential in your business
  • Discover your "Lane of Genius" and how to truly live & work within it
  • Process and work through money wounding patterns and scarcity consciousness
  • Step out of victimhood and into conscious business ownership 
  • Develop your online presence to attract your ideal customer and increase revenue 
  • Ensure that your branding and aesthetic truly represents the heart of your business
  • Offer regular suggestions for improvement based on Social Media trends and ease of virtual optimization
  • Take care of the "techy stuff" that you struggle with and make it streamlined

Personalized support for personal businesses.

Get the virtual assistance your business needs now.

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The Business in Bliss Journey

A 4-6 month process of supporting you in the creation or re-launching of your business through virtual assistance, web design, and radical life-business coaching.


Part 1: Business Wellness Coaching

We will initiate your journey with regular coaching sessions with Nya to uncover the spirit of your business brand, as well as...

  • Learn how to run a business that promotes true wellness in your whole life
  • Heal scarcity consciousness, fears and judgements, and other money wounds.
  • Manifest your financial dreams
  • Learn to truly harness your "genius", and release or delegate anything else.
  • Strategize your online marketing and social media presence 
  • Fully develop your key offerings and how you want to present them to the world

Part 2: Copywriting + Editing

Using the deep work we do in our sessions, Nya will create the authentic copy for your website that calls in abundance and represents YOU as a businessowner. As a writer, Nya will:

  • Ensure that your voice shines through clearly and beautifully
  • Curate the tone of your website and social media platforms to align with your brand and target audience
  • Provide plenty of content that can be utilized for various marketing purposes



Part 3: Complete Brand Creation

Laura King of Wild Cabin Studio will create a complete brand kit in alignment with the unique vision for your business identity, including:

  • A full brand suite (multiple logo formats)
  • Custom color palette and font selection
  • A set of assets (patterns, gradients) to use flexibly
  • Canva upload + starter social assets 
  • Graphic elements for website design and marketing materials 

Part 4: Website Build + Optimization

Nya will design and build your website from the ground up to truly create a professional, aesthetic, and highly functional space for your audience to land, including:

  • 5-6 beautiful pages created in Squarespace, Kajabi, or Wix
  • Incorporation of your branding elements by Laura King and copy by Nya
  • Optimization for mobile users and social media (including a Linktree)
  • Backend integration and optimization with third-party providers such as payment processors, schedulers, email marketing, etc. 
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+ Optional Add-On: Social Media Management

Work with one of our incredible Social Media Managers throughout the 4-6 month Business in Bliss Journey to jumpstart your online presence while you launch. Social Media services can include:

  • Copywriting for engaging and brand-specific social media posts
  • Graphic design of text-posts, carousels, reels, or "meme" posts utilizing your new brand kit
  • Optimization of social media posts for maximum reach and engagement 
  • Option for running targeted paid advertisements 
  • Creating simple lead-funnels for new clients/customers 

*Social Media Management is always available as a standalone, ongoing service as well. Book a free chat to discuss your marketing needs now!

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Meet the Team

Meet Woildlife's team of incredible businesswomen who will work together to support your business in radical abundance:

Nya Riddle

Nya is the CEO of Woildlife Wellness's marketing agency. Nya has been building websites since she was a young child, and has nearly 15 years of experience on various social media platforms. She has built multiple successful businesses through radical and conscious leadership tools, and has helped many other women do the same with her powerfully effective coaching and virtual assistance. She has been called a Launch Doula, a Website Midwife, and an Abundance Coach. She will guide you through the journey of creating a new business with confidence and abundance, and ensure that our team is creating valuable virtual tools for your success.

Rebekah Kimminau

Rebekah is our Administrative Assistant and one of our team's Social Media Managers. She is a primary point-of-contact for many of our clients, and offers incredible virtual support. Rebekah is a writer (recently featured on BabyList), a social media Queen, and a double small-business owner. She has over ten years of experience in motherhood-related fields and is an expert on postpartum, newborns, baby gear, & birth.

Let's Begin

I am a mother, an experienced holistic business owner, and a virtual assistant.

Hi, my name is Nya Riddle. I am a mother to a toddler and a newborn, the CEO of Woildlife Wellness's marketing agency, and I run my own successful coaching business to help women in the motherhood continuum birth and parent in sovereignty. When I started my first business, my whole life changed. I was able to ditch the patriarchal workforce and focus on being a mother, help women around the world while doing what I loved, and heal my own money-wounds. Running my own successful online business has allowed me to live the healthiest, most physiologically aligned life possible. This is the life that all holistic business owners can have - a life truly aligned with abundance, rooted in balance, and deeply fulfilling. 

I created this marketing agency to help give you the most robust, professional, and thorough support possible while you build your own business.

Nya's story...

Stepping out of financial victimhood changed my life!


After graduating college I found myself with tens of thousands of dollars in debt, subject to careers that paid $18 per hour on average, and feeling deeply disappointed in the conditions of most jobs. Everything I tried left me feeling depleted, traumatized, uninspired, or seriously lacking in free time. Every job expected me to make work my life.

When I decided to stop being AFRAID of money (making it or losing it), I was set free. I was able to call in more money than I ever thought I deserved, and I learned how to live in true harmony with my work. Starting my own businesses has allowed my mothering, radical birthkeeping, my relationship, and my homemaking to thrive.

And I couldn't have done it without confronting, supportive, and conscious business support from women who were further along the path than I. Now, as the CEO of Woildlife Wellness's marketing program, I am so happy to be providing that same support to others on their business journey.

“Just with two sessions with Nya, I was able to get so much more clarity and confidence in the next steps I want to take for my business. In a matter of days, Nya helped me work through some limiting beliefs that were holding me back and started replacing them with more empowering beliefs”. 

- Nicky Epp, Argentina.

“Nya supported my online learning community from its infancy and literally cared for my clients and vision as if it were her own.  Her passion for creating elegantly designed branding assets for my social media platform along with compelling copy that represented my audience was astounding.  I felt so relaxed as I saw the posts she was designing for me getting loads of engagement and followers and knew I could fully exhale trusting that she had it taken care of."

- Rachael Jean of Elemental Birth Rites

"Nya took the time to get to know me, my values and my goals for my business. She has exceeded my expectations in every way possible. She is Uber-organized and knowledgeable and creates step by step clear pathways forward to bring my visions into reality. The synergy she brings has accelerated the growth of Full Circle to the next level. I feel so lucky to have Nya on my team!!!"

- Rebecca Cohen of Full Circle Holistic

“Nya is communicative, kind, open minded and collaborative in all the best ways and brought so much value to my growing business.  With Nya supporting you in your business goals, I fully trust you will be satisfied with her excellent quality of work and support."

- Rachael Jean of Elemental Birth Rites

The Business in Bliss Journey


*Starting Price

  • 4-6 months of 1:1 Business Wellness Coaching & Strategizing
  • A complete website built, branded, and optimized for mobile use
  • "Launch Doula" services including third-party integrations, creating marketing materials, and more.
  • A complete brand kit including logos, artwork, and more.
  • Option for additional social media management during the Journey (and ongoing)
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Your Investment...

Invest in quality, professional support NOW and save money and time for your business later. When you work with Woildlife Wellness, you commit to a professional website and online presence, social media marketing that will help you to make more sales with ideal clients/customers, and lifelong conscious leadership tools that will help you call abundance into all areas of life.

Payment plans are always available. We try to be as flexible as possible with our clients, knowing that startup costs for a business can be challenging - but the prosperous payoff of a solid foundation is incredibly rewarding!

Please note that this figure is a starting point for a standard project, and your personal quote will be determined after a free 30-minute consultation where we can learn the scope of your business's unique needs.


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If the Business in Bliss Journey is not right for you at this time, no worries! Book a free chat and we will discuss your unique needs and create a custom service package that best supports you. Standalone services can include Social Media Management, Virtual Assistant Services, Website Design, Launch Doula Services, and more.


Rhythms of a Holistic Businesswoman

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You Are Ready To Take Control of Your Business Wellness?

This in-depth free eBook details the tips, tricks, and secrets to running a successful female-led holistic business. You will learn how to:

  • Align your work with your biological cycle
  • Maintain a healthy family life and personal relationships
  • Work from home without sacrificing productivity
  • Fold your business practices into your self-care routines

You don't need to partake in the traditional 9-5 business model (which was designed for the male hormonal system) to be a highly productive and abundant businesswoman. Get your free eBook now!

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